About the photographer

Sean Lamb headshotSean Lamb is a Madison, WI, based professional photographer with a strong artistic eye developed following a lifelong passion for visual arts. He is confident photographing a wide range of subjects. Sean's editorial style includes elements of photojournalism, commercial and documentary photography with a special interest in the American railroad scene and its environment.

Among his many influences are O. Winston Link, David Plowden, Richard Steinheimer and John Allen. His photographs have been exhibited in fine art shows and published in books on various topics.

Sean is constantly researching new tools and techniques to further improve his photography with enough experimentation to find the best tools to produce expert photographs. He gives back to the photographic community through lectures and participates in professional and hobbyist forums.

Sean is a director for PhotoMidwest (formerly the Center for Photography at Madison) and serves on the organization's education committee and is the chairman of the PhotoMidwest outreach committee.