Still following the new gear rule

February 14, 2014 |

I got some new and new to me gear this week.  The first purchase I made was a used Canon 40D that is now my backup camera (to replace my older Rebel XT that I was carrying as a backup but hadn't needed to use as a backup yet).  The second purchase was a new Samsung Galaxy S4 phone with its built-in camera (to replace my Motorola phone that died on me this week).  Like I mentioned in a previous post, we have one rule regarding new camera gear: the first photos that they take when they enter my collection must depict cats.

So let's play a little game with it this time.  Below are four photos.  Two of them were with one of the two cameras noted above at a cat adoption fair.  The other two were with the other camera showing Victor and Nina, my two cats.  Can you match up which pair of photos goes with each camera?

 adoptable cat

adoptable cat



These haven't been cropped, and are almost straight-out-of-camera.  I added a little contrast to the two adoptable cat photos (the upper two), but left the Victor and Nina photos (the lower two) unretouched.  So what do you think?  Which camera shot which photo?