Keeping active and practicing my craft

June 20, 2015 | Categories:

If there's one thing that an artist needs to do it is to create art.  Only by continuing to practice and create more art will the artist grow and the work improve.  Toward that end, I have revived a project that I've tried a couple times in the past.

Every day I will make and upload at least one photograph to my Flickr photostream.  I'm doing the project this time in conjunction with PhotoMidwest, sharing the images in the PhotoMidwest Photo A Day group.  So far, I've completed one week with a photo every day.  I'll keep going as long as I can, with my first goal to continue beyond the number of photos that I produced in the last two attempts (66 and 29, respectively).

Take a look at the photos in the Flickr album and watch it for more.