Anatomy of a scam [news]

July 20, 2015 |

Every now and then I receive an inquiry that just looks fake from the outset. This year I've gotten a few, and I've collected the emails to show you an example of how scammers try to lure photographers into refund or advance fee scams. Here is one that I've dealt with this year

Date: Tue, 19 May 2015 20:28:20 +0000 (UTC)
From: jasim robertus <>
Subject: photo
I want (...)

Keeping active and practicing my craft [news]

June 20, 2015 | Categories:

If there's one thing that an artist needs to do it is to create art.  Only by continuing to practice and create more art will the artist grow and the work improve.  Toward that end, I have revived a project that I've tried a couple times in the past.

Every day I will make and upload at least one photograph to my Flickr photostream.  I'm doing the project this time in conjunction with PhotoMidwest, sharing the images in the PhotoMidwest Photo A Day group.  So far, I've completed one (...)

Still following the new gear rule [news]

February 14, 2014 |

I got some new and new to me gear this week.  The first purchase I made was a used Canon 40D that is now my backup camera (to replace my older Rebel XT that I was carrying as a backup but hadn't needed to use as a backup yet).  The second purchase was a new Samsung Galaxy S4 phone with its built-in camera (to replace my Motorola phone that died on me this week).  Like I mentioned in a previous post, we have one rule regarding new camera gear: the first photos that they take when they enter (...)


One simple rule [news]

June 22, 2013 |

We have one hard and fast rule that we stick to in my house regarding camera equipment.  All new gear that comes into the house must be used to photograph a cat as the first subject.  Whether it's a new lens, a camera body, a new type of film for vintage cameras, lighting gear or whatever (even if it's a rental), the first pictures must be of one of our cats.

Cats can be finicky subjects as it's exceptionally hard impossible to pose them, and if you see them in beautiful light, by the time you get to the right position to (...)


Let's play a game [news]

June 09, 2013 |

I was on a real estate shoot earlier this week and ran into a problem. The solution was pretty simple, but I didn't have the best tool for the job while I was on the shoot; I had to make do. I'm going to show you a photo from that shoot, and I want you to try to see what I saw as the problem.  Ready? OK, here's the photo...

 A photograph from a real estate shoot with a problem

So, do you see the problem? It's right near the middle of the frame. Still don't see it? Maybe this will help; I'm going to show you the same photo but with the problem area highlighted.



Constantly learning... learning... learning... [news]

May 15, 2013 | Categories:

Something interesting came up this month in my pursuit for continual education.

I am an inveterate collector, so much so that in my family we sometimes say that I collect collections.  It might seem that way to others who view my collections just from looking at the accumulations.  I have several collections that I am working to improve, but I am not a free-for-all ammasser.  My collections are, for the most part, specialized to smaller topics within the wider whole.  When I add (...)


New features!!! [news]

October 04, 2012 |

I got the software back to where it needs to be. The best part of the update is that I am now able to show off the work I've been doing on the Google Business Views project.

There is now a new album on the front page that will show thumbnails, but the trick is that once you click on a thumbnail, it will show the full 360-degree tour embedded right here in this website.  I'm going to be photographing quite a few more businesses soon, so watch for this ablum to be populated with more (...)

Rebuilding the site [news]

October 03, 2012 |

So I tried to do an upgrade to the software behind this site today.  But as the saying goes, "all good plans of mice..." the upgrade failed.  I ended up completely removing and reinstalling the site, but that means that I have to re-add all my data.  It's not quite what I had planned to work on today.  At least there wasn't an extreme amount of information to repost and I saved the database content before the upgrade.  So now it's time to retype everything.

Yeah, we'll need you to (...)